RhineBuzz goes to the Ballet – b.37

Saturday, 1 Dezember 2018 at 7.30pm
Oper am Rhein

Our final ballet for 2018 is b.37. Featuring three different pieces by very different choreographers – from Canada, Slovakia and Romania, b.37 takes the audience on an epic journey.

The first piece by Canadian choreographer, Robert Binet’s New World explores nothing less than the act of cosmic creation when fire, earth, air and water collide. The piece explores the light and darkness of a new world.

In the second, The Way Ever Lasting, Natalia Horecna, tackles the search for equilibrium between good and evil and right and wrong.

In the final piece, Fantaisies, choreographed by Remus Şucheană, expect to be plunged into a magical and fantastical world that is both wonderous and dangerous.

Register via linda_azar@yahoo.com or drop us a message on Facebook. Payment deadline: November 22th.

Eric White, Cassie Martín FOTO: Gert Weigelt