Cafe Stories: Arturo Castro


It’s pretty much a perfect Düsseldorf Sunday: the weather is superb and we’re at Cafe Kausal in Flingern, chatting with guitarist, Arturo Castro Nogueras. It’s a chance to not only catch up with Arturo, but also eavesdrop on the plans that are being hatched between he and Cafe Kausal owner, Babak Mehdioun regarding a very special event which, if it happens will be a first for Düsseldorf. It’s still in the planning stages, but from the sounds of it, expect a very cool evening with modern Latin sounds featuring guitars, DJs and cocktails. What’s that you say? Put your name on the list? Done!

Arturo is a Puerto Rican, Cuban and Mexican guitarist who originally came to Germany in the Spring of 2011, to study under world famous professor and composer, Cuban born Joaquín Clerch. Since then he has made a home for himself here in Düsseldorf. His music is an eclectic mix of German and Caribbean classical and contemporary music.

  1.     Where are you happiest?

“Playing a concert I’m normally very happy. But I think it can be any place when I feel really connected with myself, when energy flows.”

2.     If you could invite one person for dinner who would it be?

“I would have dinner with Orson Welles for the fun of it…He’s the same as Rossini, he got fat because he loves to eat and drink…Orson Welles was a really cool man.

I would also like to have dinner with my grandfather…He died a couple of years ago. I’ve learned so much since them and I’d like to talk to him again. He was born in Mauritius and grew up in England and was educated as an engineer…He was probably one of the most curious people I’ve met…He was one of the people in my life who pushed me most to be curious. He was always learning.”

3.     What is your favourite possession?

“I would have to say my guitar because it’s the most expensive by far! Also a couple of books – first editions. A translation of Doctor Faustus by Thomas Mann. Goethe’s whole works published not long after his death. Domenico Scarlatti by Ralph Kirkpatrick. “

 4.     If someone gave you 100K for a legacy project what would you do with it?

“I would definitely work in Puerto Rico. I would try to invest it in education and community work…First of all to connect different sectors…to start a movement about Puerto Rican identity post colonialism…one of the points of colonialism is erasing history…so education about history and science and sustainability to start with.”

5. What are you hobbies outside of work?

“Think and worry and think and think and think about impossible projects!…When I was young we played a lot outdoors and my parents made us read every day…It was a crazy combination for developing imagination…What I love most is reading, being outside, travel, anything that kicks off creativity and imagination.”

6. If you could learn one new skill fast, Matrix style, what would it be?

“Financial planning. That definitely.”