Review: Catz Café

There aren’t many café’s in Düsseldorf where you have to go through double lock doors to get inside. Or where you have to use hand sanitiser before being admitted. And there aren’t many places where you’re just as likely to find a cat in the middle of your table as a cup of coffee. Expect all of the above though at the newest addition to Düsseldorf’s café scene – Catz Café.

As a long time dog owner, I confess that going to a cat café felt a bit like cheating, but it was worth the evil looks and casual sniffing I was subjected to on my return home. To say the café is home to five cats is to pretty effectively describe how they treat the place. I had barely arrived when one was up on my chair attempting to chew through my headphones. Like any good cat, the minute I attempted to pat it, it gave me a very disdainful look and wandered off. I can’t have offended its sensibilities too much though because I found it shortly afterwards curled up on my jumper at my feet.

The café is designed as much for the cats as for the humans. The bases of all of the tables are cat scratching posts (which see a lot of action) and there are cat beds and tunnels scattered around the room as well as high shelves and other vantage points. The cats wander across benches, chairs and tables with ease and disregard for anyone else’s priorities.

Do I need to state the obvious? Don’t go here if you don’t like cats. Or if you don’t like the smell of cat food. Or if you feel like cats are best kept at a distance. Or if you are allergic to cats.

Is the coffee good? I suppose so. There’s a long menu. There’s cake, I think. But let’s be honest. You’re just going there for the cats.