Café Stories: Anastasia Pavlidou

We’re in Altstadt. It’s 7.30 on a Sunday night. Where else would we be but McLauglin’s Pub for trivia night! Anastasia Pavlidou is an anomaly in our list of interviewees. She’s a former Düsseldorf resident who arrived in 2010 to do a PhD at Heinrich Heine University. (She came here to learn about brains.) Since completing her PhD she’s moved on to other shores, but keeps coming back…not least for the chance to try her hand at seven rounds of trivia!

Anastasia started off her academic career studying marine biology on scholarship in Hawaii. A chance opportunity to earn some money as a reasearcher after graduation, led her to dive into forensic neuro psychology and she quickly left the marine world behind.

1.     Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

“I enjoy cooking quite a lot and hiking. Hiking in Hawaii was the first time I understood the concept of hiking: the idea that you can reach the end of something and realise how much more there is to go and yet be content with where you are… I enjoy travelling…But brain stuff mostly. I enjoy everything brain-related…When I go fishing with my brother that’s the only time I don’t think about anything else. Every other thought ceases to exist.”

2.     If someone gave you 100k for a legacy project, what would you do with it?

“Wipe out the idea of anti-depressants and try to build up neuro-rehabilitative programs that help people from beginning to end. To help people to understand how their brains really work.”

3.     Who do you admire?

“Anyone who is determined enough to make it happen and doesn’t give up.. those are people i admire.”

4.     What’s your favourite possession?

“I’m not a very materialistic person. My memories.”

5.     Where/when are you happiest?

“When I’m walking and I have nowhere to go. Walking with my thoughts.”

6.     Why McLaughlin’s and the pub quiz?

“It’s testing how little we know about everything. If we know 1% of the quiz – Yay!”

(For the record we came fifth…)