Review – Meeting the Universe Halfway

it’s taken me nearly three years, but this weekend I finally made it down into the tunnel that gives Kunst im Tunnel (KIT) its name. Whilst I have spent many pleasant summer evenings enjoying music at the KIT cafe, this was my first time underground. Situated beneath the Rhine Promenade and sandwiched between two traffic tunnels, KIT has been a showcase for art for over ten years. The gallery is around 140 metres long and runs parallel to the Rhine. at one end the concrete ceiling soars, at the other end it is little more than a crawl space.

If you haven’t been, now is an appropriate time to venture down into one of Dusseldorf’s more unusual art galleries as KIT is currently hosting an exhibition entitled “Meeting the Universe Halfway”. This exhibition brings together seven artists from a diverse range of backgrounds: three are from Turkey, one from the Netherlands, one from the US, one from France and one German. Their collective exhibition is an exploration of the unknown that teases the exhibition-goer with words, images and sculpture.

At the entrance you are met by an a capella performance staged by four pens that tease out a conversation on the boundaries between human and object. At the other end of the space, photographs are suspended on ropes from the ceiling, hidden in a metal framework – an exploration of objects and objectivity. Other pieces line the space in between, including camouflaged yeti-like beings who both blend and interact with their surroundings. The latter makes for a fascinating exploration of how art and viewer collide. Some of the grass-covered beings are sculptures, some are human. Watch closely and see the faintest of movement – then enjoy listening to your fellow visitors as they debate whether the sculptures are real or not!

Meeting The Universe Halfway runs from 3 March to 3 June. Entrance is 4 euros. If you want to time your visit with some good music, check out the Cafe’s water music program for the coming weeks – de/calendar/kit-oeffentliche- fuehrung-4-8-18.html