City Stories: Pillar Saints

If you’re tired of staying indoors and feel an urge to get out and explore the city, why not let Düsseldorf’s Pillar Saints be your guides? On street corners all around the city, artist, Christopher Poggeler‘s Pillar Saint sculptures elevate normal people to lofty heights: the mother, the couple, the tourist, the bride.

The Pillar Saints recall the practise of pious men such as Simeon Stylite who sat on pillars in order to be closer to God. From their position far above the common man, they could be at one with God. In Pöggeler’s world, however, religion is replaced with more earthly passions.

There are ten Pillar Saints erected around the city. Start your tour at the main train station – Hauptbahnhof where you will find The Photographer crouched above the trams outside the front entrance.

A short walk away you will find The Father and Son near the corner of Oststraße and Immermanstraße, in the midst of the Japanese district.

Head for the Rhine and in the shadow of the Rheinturm you will find Marlis – The Woman in Red gazing upwards.

Follow on along up the Rhine promenade and make a brief detour into Alstadt where on the corner of Citadellstraße and Schulstraße you will find The Bride.

In Burgplatz you will find The Couple looking out towards the Rhine and not far away, in the shadow of St Lambertus Church, you will see The Mother and Child.

On Postraße, near the Tonhalle/Ehrenhof U-bahn, The Kissing Couple can be found amongst the trees.

Back on the Rhine promenade opposite Museum Kunstpalast, The Businessman strides forward, in a hurry to be somewhere important.

The Tourist can be found on the other side of Nordpark, on the corner of Kaiserswerther Straße and Stockumer Kirchstraße.

And finally, a short train ride will take you to the tenth, and most recent addition to the collection – The Reader – is at Grafental on Neumannstraße.

And as you wander, reflect on the story that links them together. Did the photographer become a father? Is the mother the woman in the red? Is she a bride who ran away? What of the other couple? Is the mother now alone, while the father works? Is he having an affair? Is he on a beach somewhere far away? And what does the Reader see in the pages she holds before her? Her own story? One of those who came before? Or of the saints still to come?

Pillar Saints