What’s On: Free Museum Entry

With so much going on around town, being able to afford to see everything is often a challenge, which is why we’re a huge fan of freebies. (For the record, we also believe very strongly in paying for art because artists have to eat and pay rent too!)

If you’ve been putting off going to either the K20 (20th Century art) or K21 (21st Century art)  now’s the time to pencil the first Wednesday of the month into your calendar. On those days, from 6pm, K20 and K21 have free admission to both their collections and their special exhibitions. In January the first free night will be on Wednesday, 10 January, due to the New Year break.

In addition to the creative, and often mind bending installation rooms, at K21 entry also includes access to the incredible ‘in orbit’.  Suspended 25 metres in the air, this steel mesh structure offers you the chance to feel like you are walking in the clouds. Drawing inspiration from the complex structures of a spider web, ‘in orbit’ plays with your perception of space, and also tests the nerves a little!

If 20th Century art is more your thing, K20 is home to an incredible collection of German and international artists including Joseph Beuys, Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock. K20 also features a wonderful range of exhibitions from international artists across a range of media.

In 2018 we now have the added bonus of free entry to the Museum Kunstpalast collection every Thursday. Kunstpalast brings together 2000 years of European and non-European art through painting, drawings, sculpture and the internationally renowned Hentrich Glass Collection which includes over 3000 pieces of stunning glasswork including the one pictured above.

Check the museum websites for information on current, upcoming and permanent exhibitions.

An overview of the other museums on offer around the city can be found here https://www.duesseldorf.de/international/tourism/discover/museums.html

Bonus – Discount

The Neanderthal Museum offers a family discount of 20% for groups with at least one adult and a child between 4-16. On the first Friday of every month, from 2pm you can take your dog to the museum for an additional 2 euros to the owner’s admission price.