2018: Amplify

Ahhhhh, the first week of January. A time to clean up the last of the party decorations and put away those fireworks until next year. It’s a time to make resolutions…and to break them…

Here at RhineBuzz we’re not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. So much pressure! So much manufactured guilt! What we do like though is choosing one word that sums up how we want to approach the coming year. It’s a way to focus, and to really get clear on where we’re going.

In 2018, that word is Amplify.

Amplifying what’s going on in this city is what we’re all about. We can talk for hours about all the amazing things that are happening here, and in 2018 we’ll be doing our utmost to show you the best of what Düsseldorf has to offer. From the well-known highlights, to the up and coming artists only just being discovered.

We have great tickets booked for three operas and three ballets. There’ll be monthly cooking classes, theatre performances, and backstage tours. We’ll also be hosting a series of Wohnzimmer concerts in venues across the city – from people’s living rooms, to cafes, to quirky repurposed spaces. Throughout we’ll be aiming to show you sides of the city you’ve never seen before.

First up for the year, we have a cooking class…but it’s already sold out! So I won’t bother telling you about it!

But don’t despair, our other event in January is an absolute treat and one you will want to book straight away: a Wohnzimmer Concert featuring Puerto Rican, Cuban and Mexican guitarist, Arturo Castro Nogueras. We only have 15 tickets available for this concert as it quite literally is taking place in a living room!

Arturo draws on a rich cultural background that spans his diverse heritage and that of his German home. Drawn to Düsseldorf to study under world famous professor and composer, Cuban born Joaquín Clerch, Arturo has established a unique place for himself on the German music scene. His music is a melting pot for rich harmonies, rhythms and styles, and beautiful melodies that appeal to first time listeners and experts alike. Recently returned from performances in the UK, France and Mexico, Arturo will present a biographical tour of his musical upbringing, discussing and performing his favourite and influential pieces. This is a truly intimate and exclusive experience for RhineBuzz members.

We hope to see you at the end of the month, and in the meantime, may the New Year bring you great joy, many adventures and may you achieve things you never believed possible.

And if you’re ever short of something to do, check out our website, we’d love to tell you about something cool happening right here on your doorstep!