Festive Goose Dinner

Festive Goose Dinner

“You should never eat St Martin’s goose alone!”

So advised one of the participants at last night’s festive goose dinner hosted at Stahlwerk. If this is in fact the case, then we certainly upheld tradition, with 22 members of our group joining the annual Stahlwerk season of dinners that run over ten days in the middle of November. The dinners seat around 100 people per evening in a chandelier and candelabra filled room, and it was indeed a lovely evening of connection and conversation.

Over the course of several hours we were treated to plates heaped high with the traditional fare of goose, red cabbage, sprouts, cranberry sauce and potato dumplings. Historically one of the last celebrations before the Advent fasting, over the centuries, St Martin’s Goose was both a chance to enjoy a last hearty meal, and also remember St Martin’s unsuccessful venture into a goose pen to avoid being found by Church officials. It would also have been the time to enjoy the latest vintage of wine, produced at the end of the harvest.

With candles burning and images of a bonfire projected at the end of the room, it was also a night to remember that Winter has officially begun and we are now well and truly embarking on the festive season. It was no surprise therefore to hear the evening end with talk of meeting up again at the Christmas Markets, hopes for cold nights and warm Glühwein and even (despite everyone being extremely well fed!) the prospect of plates piled high with Reibekuchen.

May your festive season be one of filled plates, warm fires and good friends to share your celebrations with!

I thought it was a lovely setting and a very enjoyable event. Good cheer, good food and huge portions of delicious goose with all the trimmings.