Launch day!

Today is a very special day for us. It’s a day when we get to put RhineBuzz out into the world in a new way: to connect with you across a new platform and to help you connect with us and all of the wonderful artists and performers and creators who are to be found in this city.

We weren’t sure this day would come. After Caroline died we did a lot of soul searching. Should RhineBuzz continue at all? In what form? Did it still have a place in the city? We gave ourselves six months. We agreed we wouldn’t make any commitments straight away. Instead, we would simply start asking. We would put offerings out into the world. We would talk to people and see what they enjoyed, see what they connected with. And at the end of the six months we would decide.

Those six months passed faster than we thought they would. And by the time October rolled around it just seemed like the most natural thing to want to do. And so here we are, in a brand new and shiny and also, we hope, comfortable and familiar space.

This is the first of some very cool things we have in store. There’ll be more offerings in coming months. We’ve been plotting and scheming like you wouldn’t believe! We have twelve months of events scheduled already for next year and a waitlist of other ideas that we’d really like to be able to offer. We’re fine-tuning some project proposals that we’re incredibly proud of – projects that are all about building community in profound and lasting ways. We’re looking forward to sharing them with you and more importantly helping you to be a part of them.

To those of you who have joined the RhineBuzz family recently, welcome. We’re so glad to have you here. You’ve come at a great time!

And to those who have been here for almost a decade, thank you for your love and support and trust. We see you, and we’re grateful.