Silent Disco Experience

During the second week of the 2017 Düsseldorf Festival, RhineBuzz members took part in a Silent Disco Tour with Guru Dudu. We danced around town to disco music, wearing headphone that made us look like “aliens in the dark”, according to one pretty accurate description. We sang songs, passing restaurants full of amused and confused people. Some filmed us, others joined the fun dancing with us, not aware of what it was we were listening to. We even serenaded a couple! After an hour of dancing, singing and laughter, when it was time to end the tour, Guru Dudu warned us: “When you take your headphones off, you might experience a very different reality”. And he was right! But that didn’t matter! Just keep on dancing.

“It was a complete experience, a close look to the making of a cultural and formidable event only to close with one of the most fun experiences with the silent disco, Guru Dudu – the guru of fun!”

Photo credit: Guru Dudu