Pink Picnic

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for a picnic – a beautiful sunny day down on the Rhine.

We were setting up tables, laying out cupcakes and talking about how there was someone sitting on Caroline’s bench and how we should all gather later to sit there and take a photo. And then we noticed it. From out of nowhere a pink balloon was blowing along the path beside the river, coming towards us. We all stopped what we were doing and watched it as it came closer and closer to the bench. We looked at each other and smiled. “Caroline’s here.” And we ran to catch the balloon and tie its string to the bench.

On Sunday 27th September, we gathered together to remember Caroline. It was a day of laughing and telling stories, with friends who had known her for years, and those who had only heard stories of how she had touched our lives. We talked about that time when…and laughed about that evening and that afternoon and that moment…

Musicians unpacked instruments from their bags and played. Instruments were exchanged with friends and with strangers (who would soon be friends too). And more music was made.

And there was pink everywhere: pink shirts and scarves, pink shawls and dresses and bandanas and flowers and balloons and cupcakes.

Throughout it all we wished that Caroline was with us. And we knew in many ways she still was.