English Theater - J'n'R, a Play by Fiona Leonard

English Theatre – J’n’R

For many of us the mere mention of Shakespeare makes us grind our teeth, roll our eyes and want to run in the opposite direction (thanks uninspired high school english teachers…). But as Fiona Leonard’s recent play clearly shows, there’s still a relevance and humour to be found in Shakespeare’s work. Based on the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, J’n’R, is set at 4am in an airport coffee lounge. Jules is a feminist on her way to Hong Kong and Richard is a drifter heading for a tent in the desert in Morocco. They have one hour before Jules’ flight leaves to meet, argue and perhaps fall in love. Although, as it turned out, this part was not guaranteed and there were many long and heated discussions after the play ended as to what really happened, or should have happened. Did they? Didn’t they? Seriously, what the hell?

At first glance, J’n’R is a simple comedy about two people who think fast and talk fast and don’t take any crap from each other. But it also explores the way in which our relationships have and haven’t changed in the past couple of hundred years. And it pretty much comes to the conclusion that relationships are hard, whatever time you’re living in…but also fun.

This play was a great addition to the growing number of plays being performed in English around town. Fingers crossed there are many more to come!

Our evening at the J’n’R theatre was lovely. A beautifully written piece of theatre combining Shakespeare and a witty script. A wonderful way to spend an evening!
– Sophie

Photo credit: © 2017 Nyani Quarmyne