RhineBuzz at the Opera - Tosca

A Night out at the Opera – Tosca

Tosca, the Oper am Rhein’s latest production is a lavish and dramatic opera that opens in the sanctity of a church and closes with the gunfire of an execution. Like all great operas, this piece is designed to fill your heart up with love and beautiful music and then have evil, torturous villains trample all over it. With one of our largest RhineBuzz opera groups ever in attendance, we settled in, ready to have our hearts broken. We were not disappointed!

It is hard not to be swept up in the story of an escaped fugitive, a painter and his jealous lover Tosca, a beautiful Marchesa and an evil Chief of Police. Tosca is a tale of passion and politics, with power-hungry officials torturing those who cross their paths and desperate lovers risking all to be together. The Oper am Rhein’s powerful and emotional production made for a great evening. During the break we all got together to discuss everything from performances to costumes to modern day relevance. For someone who has been a frequent visitor of the Oper am Rhein, this was without a doubt my favorite piece so far.

Special mention must be made of the lavish costumes that really lit up the lead characters – especially the stunning velvets of Tosca’s dresses and capes.

An experience I always dreamt of having. It was a mesmerizing and breath-taking first Opera of my life. An absolute must-do again!
– Parinita